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Petro Davvar Energy  Company was established in 2011 with the aim of  manufacturing high-technology precision instrument parts, according to the founders' field of repairing and overhaul of rotary equipment's in the oil, gas, powerplants, Petrochemical and Refineries, In the first step, the construction of gas turbine thermocouples was put on the agenda, which was installed and approved for the first time in the country in IOOC Lavan, on the Ruston TA1750 gas turbine. Next, we started construction of other gas turbine thermocouples, like solar MDG4000 and 1200, Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Sulzer, GE and etc... 
Sensing the life with our sensors.
we make mesauring casier.
if there is a will T there is a way.
Nowadays the company's products are offered in five general categories with honor: 

  • Temperature measurement:
  • Thermowell, RTD, Thermocouples, Transmitter and extension Cables
  • Gas Turbine Thermocouples and Bearing RTD,s
  • Magnetic Speed Pickups
  • Vibration measurement:
  • Proximity and Velocity   
  • LVDT For Gas Turbines
  • Combustion Chamber’s parts:
  • Igniters, Exciters and Ignition leads High Energy and high voltage


Continuous improvement of products and services and the up-to-date development of technology and equipment


 support and after-sales service in the best ndition for more customer satisfaction
 Compliance with international standards and requirements
 Training, teamwork and staffing welfare
 Observance of safety principles
 Respect for the environment through the use of raw materials, production of products and packaging compatible with nature


Our policy expectations and customer satisfaction by applying the principles of quality, safety and respect for the environment at all levels of supply of goods and services. The quality of our work starts from the first moment of customer relationship.

If there is a will, there is a way…


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What we do
Magnetic speed pick up sensors
Vibration Monitoring
LVDT for gas turbines
Ignition parts



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