Threaded Thermowells for Thermocouple and RTD Sensors

Our range of thermowell pockets can be supplied in a wide choice of lengths, diameters and sheath materials with different process connections and flanges to different sizes to suit almost any application. Thermowells are useful for processes which require the sensing device to be inserted and removed regularly, without the need for disrupting the process itself. Thermowells are also excellent for protecting sensors against attack from chemicals or harmful atmospheres. The units can be custom built to suit virtually any application, in either a welded construction or made from solid bar, dependant on the requirement.

We provide our flanged Thermowells with forged flanges according to ANSI B16.5 limitations & Q.C Recommendations

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Manufacture of thermowells in two models of flanges and threads, in various compression and temperature classes

Threaded Thermowell

Flanged Thermowell

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