Our products are in the field of Temperature Measurement Equipment
The company’s products in the field of temperature sensors include five groups of thermocouples, resistance sensors, thermowells, temperature transmitters and interface cables, which are in accordance with the production standards of IEC60751, IEC60584 and ASME PTC 19.3. It is worth mentioning that all products are within the permissible error range and the calibration certificate can be provided after the production of products by reputable domestic laboratories


Manufacture of thermowells in two models of flanges and threads, in various compression and temperature classes


RTD PT100, PT1000, NI120, Cu50


Types of industrial thermocouples in various dimensions, types and models


Thermocouple and RTD interface cable in different coatings for different temperature classes


Temperature transmitters are available in two models, Normal and Hart
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Gas Turbine Thermocouple

Thermocouple solar,ruston,simens,rools royce,GE,… Gas Turbine 
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