Petro Davvar Energy offers traditional spark gap technology in legacy products, Spark Gap design to maximize reliability, efficiency and capability while minimizing weight.

  • Definition

Spark – An electric current arc.

High Energy Ignition – Electric spark ignition system utilizing high energy sparks for direct ignition of hydrocarbon fuels such as gas, diesel, or oil.

petro davvar energy high energy ignition systems

High Energy Ignition (HEI) systems directly ignite burner fuels by providing short time duration (impulse), high current electrical arcs commonly referred to as sparks. These sparks are generated by abruptly releasing electrical energy (charge) stored in large capacitors. The energy is released through an igniter driver circuit called a pulse forming network to specialized high energy igniters. The result is a high power spark with increased ability to ignite fuels.

Petro Davvar Energy High Energy Ignition Systems are designed to operate in

conditions of extreme temperature, moisture, and contamination; creating high power sparks that dependably provide direct spark ignition to a wide range of fuels in a wide range of adverse conditions. The igniter can spark even under water.

  •  System Specifications

Description of Equipment

The Petro Davvar Energy high energy ignition systems are specifically designed to ignite gas, light oil (#2), and diesel fuels directly while operating in a wide range of environmental conditions.

  •  Installation Instructions

For mounting dimensions, refer to the equipment datasheet. The exciter should be mounted to a firm structure.

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